Soccer balls come in many styles and colors, but there's only five sizes for soccer balls. Selecting the right one can make a world of difference in a player’s development and skill set on the ball. Here we break down the sizes for soccer balls:

Size 1 Soccer Ball

Commonly known as the mini or skill ball, these Size 1 soccer balls are primarily used to improve one’s footwork and skills on the ball, and in most occasions, to have fun. The Size 1 soccer ball is also a great option to get your infant or toddler started on their journey with the beautiful game.

Size 3 Soccer Ball

The first step in balls used for competition and training, the Size 3 soccer ball is used for children age 8 and under. This is the smallest sized soccer ball used in competition and is a great option for your up and coming competitive young one, or someone trying to get their feet in the game.

Size 4 Soccer Ball

The second most common size in soccer balls, the Size 4 soccer ball is used for youth players ages 8 through 12. This soccer ball is used in official youth competitions and training and is great for getting youth players accustomed and developed to their skill set and abilities on the ball.  

Size 5 Soccer Ball

The definitive size for a soccer ball, Size 5 soccer balls are the standard for playing and training ages 12 and up. There is a wide variety of Size 5 soccer balls available for every skill range, from the FIFA Inspected professional match balls, to the basic training ball for your recreational player.

Futsal Ball

The official size and weight ball for the game of Futsal, as recognized by FIFA, this ball is much heavier and smaller than your traditional soccer ball and is primarily used for Futsal matches and indoor soccer.

​​Every league, coach and player will have their different preference as to what ball to use, but we hope that this guide can serve as a map on your quest to conquer the beautiful game!

December 22, 2021 — Brian Narvaez
Tags: Soccer Balls