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Nike Men's Phantom GT2 Pro FG Metallic Copper/Pink


Celebrate the game’s biggest competition in a design ignited by the science of connectivity and gravity that the world stage inspires. Featuring a stunning futuristic look made for the globe's greatest players, these cleats have an updated design and patterning to help you place your shots with pinpoint accuracy. Off-center lacing provides a clean strike zone to help you dribble, pass and score with precision.

Where in the World?

Keep an eye out for special symbols around the design, nods to the host’s whereabouts that pay homage to the game’s grandest worldwide tournament. Nike's WHQ coordinates and emblems that speak to the science of connected energy are near the heel.

Feel the Ball

Grippy texture strategically placed across the top helps provide precise touch when dribbling, passing and scoring.

Smooth Surface

Off-center lacing creates a larger sweet spot for powerful shots on goal.

Product Details:

  • For use on slightly wet, short-grass fields.
  • Cushioned insole.
SKU: DR59598108A