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adidas F50 Pro-Lite Shin Guards High Energy/Electricity/Black

$10.79 $17.99


Running fast is all about the type of cleats, yes, but also being lightweight. No extra baggage. That's the thinking behind the adidas F50 Pro Lite Shinguard. Safety, Lightweight, comfort, and flashy colors are all rolled into one sweet looking guard! The F50 Pro Lite achieves high comfort through the EVA soft durable cushioning backing material, while the soft synthetic lining keeps your leg comfortable and dry. A hard shell, highly protective front plate provides the protection from studs up challenges and shin collisions. Utilizing a lightweight, slip-in construction, the Pro Lite uses no strapping. Included with compression sleeves for an easy fixation tool for the guard, as well as to support of blood backflow to the center of the body! Extremely futuristic. The adidas F50 line is all about speed and quickness. The F50 Pro Lite shinguard is no exception. A perfect fit for any pacey player. NOCSAE CERTIFIED

SKU: X16988S