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adidas Men's Ace Trans Pro Goalkeeper Gloves Energy Aqua/Energy Blue


adidas have once again managed to evolve the revolutionary zones glove that burst on to the scene in 2014, adidas worked hard with their top pro's to create the zones glove and continued to improve it
Now the fingertip zones bond seamlessly with the palm and the punch zone again is more lightweight and effective then the previous years.

Product Details

  • Palm - features two latex foams which have been engineered together to provide a seamless transition and one homogeneous palm.
  • Cut - Negative cut negative cut provides a tight and snug fit.
  • Approx. 80% of adidas's goalkeeper assets are wearing this cut.
  • Wrist Entry - without restrictive seams, a revolutionary bandage which perfectly fits most peoples' wrists. The entry also features Stretch-strap individual fit adjustments with best stabilization characteristics are assured by this new strap.
SKU: BS41169