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adidas Men's Predator Pro Promo Goalkeeper Gloves Silver/Black/Red


We all fear the "Something went wrong", when we enter a web address. Fear no longer, as adidas gets you back on track with the 302 Redirect Pack! With elegante and classy colours and electric detailing, the pack is all but for the creative player. The player that stays ahead of the opponents, fearlessly entering enemy territory. Focus your energy on being groundbreaking, stand out from the crowd. Be unique and show your skill with the all new adidas 302 Redirect Pack!

Product Details

  • provides ultimate grip where and when you need it.
  • negative cut for a snug and tight fit, with the stitching on the inside.
  • offers an increased area of latex, with improved control
  • the back is made from woven material, to allow for flexibility yet keeping a snug and comfortable fit
  • A fully optimized close, with excellent protection and minimum restriction
SKU: DY262910