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Reusch Kids Attrakt Solid Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves Black/White



The Reusch Kids Goalkeeper Attrakt Solid Finger Support Gloves Black/White offers reliable protection, the well-known Reusch quality and great durability on artifical grass and hard surfaces thanks to it's Reusch Solid palm foam with synthetic latex. The Finger Support protection spines on all five fingers guarantee reliable stability and prevent finger injuries.

Product Details:

  • 58% Polyvinyl chloride, 28% Polyester, 8% Polypropylene, 5% Polyurethane, 1% Cotton.
  • Expanse Cut.
  • Finger Support.
  • Reusch Solid Palm.
  • PVC Backhand.
  • Open Cuff.
  • Full Strap.
SKU: 52725105