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Reusch Men's Goalkeeper Attrakt SpeedBump Gloves Shocking Orange/Blue



High-quality goalkeeper glove with a revolutionary latex technology and a new and attractive design. The SpeedBump palm foam offers maximum friction and unlimited control. Based on the tacky Reusch Grip Gold latex, this 3D-technology guarantees a glue-like touch, maximum all-weather grip and reliable abrasion resistance. Compared to plain latex surfaces, the 3D-shape of the SpeedBump spikes boosts the friction between the glove and the ball for best grip and control. The latex backhand on a mesh base feels light and at the same time supportive.

Product details:

  • 57% latex.
  • 32% polyester.
  • 6% polyamide.
  • 5% Etyhlenevinylacetate.
  • Non-Fingersave.
SKU: 52700397